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Best Practices

Project Leader: Dan York

This project aims to define a common set of industry-wide ‘best practices’ for securing VoIP systems against the threats outlined in the Threat Taxonomy. While specific practices will vary according to vendor and architecture, the document created by this group will provide an overall view of how best to secure VoIP systems.

These best practices will aim to mitigate security threats across the VoIP ecosystem including individual VoIP building blocks, supporting security technology components (SBCs, Firewalls, etc.), architecture and network design (NAT, VPN, port security, etc.), network management, and end point Access and Authentication to name a few.

The end objective of this project is to create a document that can be used as a companion to the Threat Taxonomy. This document will by its nature evolve over time and we expect to periodically issue new versions.

Right now, though, we are just getting started and we welcome the participation of anyone who would like to be involved. To participate, please sign up to the Best Practices working group mailing list.

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