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The biggest VoIP security threats - and how to stop them
Businesses of all sizes adopting IP telephony need to seriously consider its security implications. But while a number of threats exist, three stand out as the most dangerous, particularly to smaller organizations.

Phone Phreakers Steal Minutes
VoIP carriers are increasingly falling prey to "phreakers," who steal their minutes and resell them on a thriving black market.

VoIP threats to watch out for
As increasing numbers of users adopt VoIP, more hackers and criminals will be enticed to capitalise on the weaknesses in the technology. This primer looks at the major threats businesses of any size face when adopting VoIP.



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, Jan 07

Happy New Year! ¬†Welcome to 2014! We’re looking forward to more activity happening here at VOIPSA this yearR...

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, Dec 18

We are unfortunately aware that the mail archives for the VOIPSEC mailing list have not been functioning for a long ti...


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